07 yz450 new wiseco clutch

I just installed a new wiseco clutch and springs in my bike. Does anyone have a new clutch adjustment procedure they can post? Obviously it was grabbing alot since it was adjusted for my old clutch but it wouldnt engage with the new one and would roll forward under throttle with clutch engaged. Ive got it adjusted to work but am looking to getting the maximum performance out of adjustments if anyone can give me a few tips. thanks

i just found a thread were GrayRacer commented to have 3mm of play but where at? at the push rod or the lever? i personally cant stand any play in my lever.

Manual ftw! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1375460498.354610.jpg

Just to clear up something first, the clutch is "engaged" when your hand is off the lever.  When you pull the lever in, you DISengage the clutch.


The behavior you mention is typical of new aftermarket clutch plate sets for the most part.   Usually they get over it after a couple of hours of real world use.

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