NCVS needle better then stock

There is a lot of info on this needle but not much comparing it to stock.

I've been riding my 2007 WR450 with the stock needle and tuned for my elevation with a 50 leak jet. I felt like my throttle response was very good, but we always want more right. I wanted to add a merge spring and after messaging Krannie about this needle (Thank you!) I figured it was a good time since I had to take the carb out.

I just took a 40 mile ride starting at 4500 and ended up at 9500. The throttle was so much crisper and more responsive. The needle was very noticeable especially in the mid..... I call this one of the best free mods because it was only 10.00 plus shipping.

If your running the stock needle, definitely worth the time and money. I have no idea about JD needles, but this is working for me..

My current settings.

Elev. 4500 to 10000

Needle: NCVS - 3rd clip down

Main: 162

Pilot: 45

Leak jet: 50

Fuel screw: 2 turns

Merge spring

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