Yamaha Australia AD

not sure if you have seen this. If you have, great if you havent.. turn up the volume sit back and enjoy




if you didnt want a wr 450 before, you should now

Yep, one very proud Aussie, ride on brothers, ROOSTA out.

The first thing that came to mind is that they would be out of gas by the time they caught up to each other(g)

Looks like a fun place to ride.

Epic commercial! Too bad all the damned corporate lawyers here in the states would never let such a thing on the air. Thanks for sharing!

Great ad. Think it was filmed across the ditch in New Zealand though.

What makes you think it's filmed in NZ, I must have missed the bit where the farmer was chock-a-block up the sheep, see those damn dirt bikes always steal my attention. ROOSTA out.

i live here in queenstown nz . im 5 mins away from where this video was shot althought there are 2 different locations in this video heres a pic of my '12 up at the same spot 







1150718_712030395480572_905899487_o.jpgand this is the other spot in the video  . 

Great pictures but could you guys have any bigger plates on them bikes(g)

How do you guys get to views like that with these little fuel tanks?

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