2010 Problem, stumbles and pops

I am having issues with my 2010. It started with small pops easing off the throttle at speed. I thought it may have been the map I had. I uploaded the woods map, went out and stumbled badly. I tried the stock map and the same issue. When I idle, it stays at 2200 rpm, giving a little gas to 3500 rpm and trying to hold that rpm, it would start to stumble with the rpm ranging from 2000 to the 3500.

Not sure if it is an electrical issue or an issue with the injector.

Bile is stock with 46 hr, a new piston added 6 hours ago.


Any suggestions?




Sounds like a vacuum leak.

I checked for vacuum but don't see anything.

I took off the throttle body, kicked the bike and am seeing very faint fuel. How much would be typical.


Update on the bike.

I have put it back together, now I am no able to start.

Is there a fuel filter in the system to check?


Maybe the carb was simpler :(....

fuel pump... mine did the same thing. clogged filter, very hard to take apart and they dont sell new filters, i was able to however get mine apart, had to cut and replace the poly line, then cleaned the filter with soap and water, it was very black, didnt seem dirty, just oily more than likely thanks to ethanol, but it turned white and ran for another 5-6 hours, then the pump died. probably got worn out from the last 100 mile race that i pushed the bike through with the plugged up filter. if you decide its the pump, maybe try cleaning the filter, if you cant do it then you gotta replace it anyways. but at least youll know you tried. partzilla is significantly cheaper than anywhere else for a new pump, but motosport will match prices. search my earlier posts, i have pics of the disassembled pump.

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