Starting issue

So I got a 98 wr400, the bike rode well, but did need a carb clean. It would bog in full throtle and not idle with the choke off. I was riding one day around the neighborhood when I pulled the clutch and didn't give it enough throtle, to rev it so it didn't stall, but it stalled. I pushed the bike home and it hasn't started since. I pulled the carb apart and cleaned the jets and screwed them in, I probably need to adjust them. I pull the throtle spring on the carb andeverything works like its suppose to.

HERE IS MY PROBLEM: the bike won't start. I have squirted some gas into the motor without the carb on and it has a spark. I kbow this because I almoat caught my shorts on fire lol. I will post a video of it soon, so yall can hear the bike. It has compression. I am at a lost right now. In the pic, there is a black tube near the front of the motor that goes to where the cam is. That tube puts out some air when I kick it, is that suppose to happen??

Also can anyone fully explain what this switch does on my handle bars? I got this bike a month ago.




Here is the video of me trying to start it. There is a sound I haven't heard before in some of the kicks.

You have some kind of after market ignition on your WR? I'm guessing FMF judging by the sticker on top . Switching the button will tell the little man inside your CDI which map to run. Typically he will give you one map for smooth power or one for big power.

Yes that tube is a engine vent and air goes in and out of it. Don't let it hang so low. Zip it to the frame so less hangs.

Not saying its causing your problem, but check your slide very close. I have heard of early year slides cracking

When you turn the throttle and the slide goes up, does a little amount of gas spray into the throat of the carb? You obviously need to make sure there is fuel in the float bowl. Even though you have spark, if I was going through this frustration, id put a fresh plug in .

Sorry I can't give you more. There are tons of people on this forum a lot WR smarter than I am. I'm sure someone will get you in the right direction

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Thanks for the advice. I figured that's what the switch was for but wanted to double check. Is it bad to switch between setting while driving I assume? Also that is a new spark plug lol. Thats the one that was in it when it cut off, but I'll probably go and get another one if it would possibly fix the problem.

I took the carb off and the float works properly. Also when the throtle is pulled, the gas shoots out like it should. But its a strong stream that prob shoots out to a foots distance, so I'm going to set the jets to factory. I also plan on doing some of the mods that are stickied at the top, like getting rid of the bog.

I read that the main jet is 1 1/4 turn out from being seated, is that true? I'm getting a manual soon which would help, but the problem is the guy originally told me its a 98 yz but I found out its a WR so I'm assuming he was at least correct about the year lol.

The bike also has a white boyz exhaust slip on.

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