WR 450 idle screw all the way in?

I have a 2004 WR 450. It sat all winter and then some with the gas on. Wouldn't start thus summer, ended up leaking all the fuel out of the tank through the fuel bowl tube. I took off the carb cleaned it. Went to install a JD jet kit and the PO had already done it. Replaced the pilot, main and needle anyway. Pilot is 45, main 170, blue needle 4th clip. PO had blue needle 3rd clip. Installed RD fuel screw, set at 2 1/2.

It'll start with the choke. Has to really warm up before it'll run without it or give it a little throttle. I have the idle screw maxed out and it still needs a little more to start even when warm.

Could it just be the pilot circuit above the jet is still nasty? Or could it be the hot start plunger? Is there an adjustment for the throttle shaft and the idle screw?

Well I took off the carb again! Found the throttle slide plate installed upside down, the seal was going the right way just the top was down. Made sure everything was clean again since I had it off. Put it all back together and it started just like a champ. The idle screw is normal now too, fully adjustable.

After my ride I wanted to adjust the pilot screw to perfect, except when I screwed it all the way in it was still running.

Going back in the carb again tomorrow!?

Maybe just through the drain plug this time!

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