Head Gasket, Idiot Alert!

06 WR450 top end job.  After meticulously following the manuals instructions for torquing the head, I realized I had forgotten to install the front timing chain guide. :banghead:  IDIOT!  Back off with the head.  Now, did I pretty much ruin my new head gasket?  I torqued it completely per the manuals instructions ( 20 ft lbs--then 180 degrees in stages...)  Give it to me straight Doc....Thanks in advance

Edited by WRob

been there done that,  got lucky with the gasket, inspect it good and maybe use some spray copper on it. 

The old 490 2 stroke head gaskets you could put in the oven for a bit, I don't know about the 450 4 strokes.

the 4t gaskets are usually multi layered and use a graphite type coating. If the graphite peals away stuck to the gasket surfaces it's pretty much toast on a head gasket.  On a side case, if you DONT scrape any of the material away and put it back in the same place with some goop you can usually reuse.

Why chance it? Chock it up to experience and get a new head gasket.

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