Michigan roll call


I just joined the site, was wondering who was all around the area, Im from the west side. Holland to be exact. 


Lets hear it. 


Traverse City

Novi! Have a buddy I ride with who lives in Grand Haven.


The Thumb

Novi! Have a buddy I ride with who lives in Grand Haven.

Right around the block. New Hudson.

Right around the block. New Hudson.

Ah, im originally from Milford...looong ways away, haha.


Novi! Have a buddy I ride with who lives in Grand Haven.

 Whos your buddy in Grand Haven? 


Doesnt use the forum!

Grand Rapids


Doesnt use the forum!

that sucks, tell them to get on here and meet people to ride with

LOL....he should! Because I can't get over there as much as id like and end up hittin tracks closer to home on Sundays....keep having to work Saturdays. He did just buy his wife a quad though...which is cool, cuz he can speed up a lil if he wants, then wait for her...and if he cracks himself up A) he isnt alone, and B ) She is a RN haha.


He heads out this way once in a while too.

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I'm in northern Oakland county... but I work in Farmington and the girlie lives in St. Clair Shores.




Hey, that's where my bike lives! Lol...jk, but I do keep it at my bro-in-laws.

Fraser. Like to ride tight single track on the drz400s.



No shit! Same here!

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    • By signal15
      I'm in the south part of Inver Grove Heights.  Bike is plated, quiet, and I don't rip around when exploring.  Looking for some areas around here where I can get a little offroad exploring time in with no risk of having someone freak out.  Rosemount, Coates would be fine as well.  I do know of one place near Hastings where it's legal to ride...  once you get there.  The problem is that I haven't found a way to get there without crossing 300 feet of utility owned land.  I *might* have found a way, but have not physically tried it yet.  I'm waiting for it to get warm and then I'll check it out.  Willing to trade my secret knowledge for other areas. 
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      I recently acquired a a 1999 husavina 410 te,  my title says for off road use only I really want to make her street legal here in Michigan.  

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      Just wondering how the conditions are down that way.. Is there still snow and ice in the woods and on the trail?  In the past years it seems this is the first trail to clear off, so I usually start there first and work north later in the spring.