I heard a 400 lower end won't handle a 450 piston, is that true? And if it's not will a 450 cyl. bolt on a 400 lower end?

Why do you want a 450 piston in a 400?


450 cyl does not fit. Go with 426 if you want more cubes. If you want more than 426 get it bored ut and replated (or sleeved) to 97 mm. That gives you 444 cc. Upgrade the connecting rod to 426 as well, the wrist pin is larger diameter (and stronger).

But it's not cheap....

Check out these guys: http://www.powroll.com/


Their site is under construction, but the used to have all of the information you need to go 426/440.  The stock 426 uses a different rod than the 400 with a different size pin, so it's not a straight piston and jug swap.  You could also look at Wiseco, I think they have an over size piston for the 400 that would be the stock OD of the 426.

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