2012 yz450f rear axle nut? Grrrrr

Why the heck did does Yamaha use a 30 mm rear a le nut on the 2012???!!! This is the most frustrating thing ever. Almost feels like I am a ktm owner or something.

Question one: does anyone make a trail tool to accommodate this??? I have looked and found nothing.

Question two: has anyone replaced their nut wih say a 32mm to remody a problem like mine???

Ok, I'll ask.

What's wrong with a 30 mil nut and why would a 32 be so much better?

This has always worked for me:



That's the most you can find to complain about?



What can I say, I love the bike.

Would you really want to carry that wrench around with you on a 70 mile trail ride?

No, not really.  I carry a custom wrench that I made by cutting up two Craftsman wrenches, a box end 22 for the front, and a 27 for the rear, then welding them back together and tempering the joint.

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