Mark Anderson Memorial Ride

Well I was hoping to take a break from riding for a bit, but my buds would have none of that. "Mark would not want that", and they are right. But boy did he put us through a test, as we overcame obstacle after obstacle....

Anytime you try to arrange a large group of riders and support people (thank God we had them) together for a trail ride, there are bound to be some snags.

Let me back-track, Mark's close friend Bob Jablonski wanted to make a memorial sign that could withstand many yrs out in the harsh Arizona desert. Words cannot describe it and we took many pics but no one had a digital camera, so we will scan and if we could find a web pg THAT WILL LINK then I will post them. The memorial was so large and heavy that we could not transport it by bike, so Bob arranged for some of his off-road truck bud's to transport it. As we all prepared and lit the firing of the bikes problem #1 happened:

1) The HEAVY DUTY full size Chevy truck snapped it's aftermarket A arm not more then a mile from camp.

As we scrambled to figure out how we were gonna transport it NOW problem # 2 surfaced:

2) Greg accidently locked Marko's key's in his jeep and try as he might (very valiantly) he could not not get in.

It was decided that when they went back to get a trailer for the truck, they would also get a slim jim to break in. But we NEEDED TO RIDE!!!! LOL

Gwin Von who I had just met at Mark's Service (he is the desert Pro that was in the 3-way battle with Mark & I) very generously volunteered his immaculate truck to two guys he had just met 20 min ago! [ :D ]

Greg had invited Bruce from Steve's Cycle who knew Mark and wanted to go. Only problem was he has a 82 RM500!!! So you can imagine.

This ride is by no means a cakewalk and the RM's clutch completely gave out 1/3 of a way into the LOOOOONG RIDE!!

Problem #3 where the hell was he and how were we going to find him, was he lost, crashed or broke?

Again Gwin Von stepped up to the plate (he had a desert tank) and went on a search and rescue mission. I commented to the Crew "Jeez Gwin is not gonna want to go with us again we are using his truck and now this!!!" [:)]

3) How do we get Bruce back? This is the first time we have ever had a sweep truck (they did not take the brutal route) and fortunately Bob had a 2-way radio commuinication with them. Anyway Gwin spotted Bruce and directed the truck back to pick him up.

We were on our way once again.....

This story is getting long so I shorten it up, the rest of the ride was rough, tight and gnarly just the way Mark would have liked it and we found an excellant HARD TO GET TO spot to mount Mark's Memorial....

It was all worthwhile and Mark must have been really chuckling at us after putting us through the ringer, but the CREW was not to be denied. [^]



Another good story G. Sounds like Mark wasn't gonna' make it easy for you guys.

I agree, Gwin has always been a real good guy. WOW, letting some strangers use his nice F-150, thats totally cool of him.

Very sorry I couldn't make it to Mark's service, I would like to see the pics of his memorial.

You can open a photo album for them at MSN real easy.

A few of us went to Speedworld this weekend but I for one couldn't ride for **** thinking about Mark. I even had to pull off the track 3 times because I was afraid of getting landed on since I was going so slow. I couldn't even pass my cactushead buddies that never moto.

Eventually I got my head into it and managed to run enough hard laps to tire myself out.

Hope to see you out there soon.

Hey, we're considering a trailride out at Sycamore next weekend, are you interested?


Thanks for the props, it's easy for me to write about Mark, we had many good times together...

The Memorial is at Sycamore Creek, I'll check with the crew to see where we are riding this weekend, and get back wich-ya!


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