03 WR450 Rebuild advice

I am buying a 03 WR450 that is street legal and setup for supermoto from a buddy. The problem is, it needs a complete engine rebuild. He tore it down and said the crank bearings were bad so I figured I will buy a hot rod crank kit along with new piston kit. Not a big prob and local shop said they will rebuild motor for $200 labor so I can do this pretty cheap. My main question is, what do I need to go and replace? I heard these motors had horrible woodruff key problems. Would a new crank fix this or is there some upgraded parts I need to throw in? He has upgraded the starter motor he said. I just dont want to dump money into a new rebuild and have a part fail that I should of replaced when it was apart. I have done a few searches on the issue but I want to make sure I have everything figured out before I start dumping money into this bike. 

As a side note. The bike is titled, street legal, comes with super moto wheels and tires as well as the offroad wheels and tires which will most likely never be put back on. He is asking $1500 for the bike as is. Does this seem like a good deal? I realize that is still a lot for a bike that does not run but considering the supermoto parts and the hassle of making it street legal is already done, I think its a decent price. Oh course I can prob get him to come down on price. 


A 03 roller? Unless its MINT mint I think that's really steep, even for Canadian prices.

The question is though, is it worth it to you, because without a motor all the bling is worthless so unless you can make something that has worth out of it (to you) then there isn't any point in saying those parts should affect the price.

It's a 03 and so you're pretty much guaranteed to find much more than just the motor that needs replacing/fixing.

I need to find out how to post a picture but the body of this bike is super clean and well taken care of. Complete powder coated frame with brand new white plastics and black tank. Has all new bearings throughout the frame. He tore the motor down to freshen it up and noticed the crank had some play in it. He has his eyes set on a ktm supermoto so is letting this one go. This thing is as clean as my new yz450 almost. This isnt a typical craigslist beater but I understand its more or less a "roller" as you stated. He is pretty much selling me the bike for $700 and the rims for $800. 

upgrade the starter system to 04, did that on mine after starter failed. There is plenty of info around here with part numbers and procedure.  I still have the 03 woodruff key and never had an issue with it, get the hot start plug in the head replaced and secured permanently.

He did say the woodruff key failed in the bike but what fixed and replace so I guess that issue has been fixed on the bike. I guess if there is a fix for it or if you are always having to mess with it..... Thanks on the hot start plug. Did not see that problem in the search engine. 

He also upgraded to the 04 starter system.


Considering the sumo setup, if well done is 2-3K minimum, I'd say this is a good deal.  It sounds like you can focus on the motor and then go ride what sounds like a good condition, well built bike.  Pics would certainly help...

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