yz426 cams

Will stock yz426 cams give a wr400 more power?

You would get a similar power curve change by retiming the exhaust cam.  If I remember correctly you change the number of pins between the top timing marks on the cam from 13 to 12.  You should be able to search this forum to find the answer.  No need to change the intake.


I would also suggest you search the 450 cam swap, if you use the YZ cam you'll get something in the middle because the 450 has a little smother power curve.  You also get the auto decompression.  I've been running this for a few years with no problem, but you will have to time by eye and re-shim.

I've already retarted the exaust cam, I was just wondering if the yz cam was a little more radical. Thanks for the 450 cam idea.

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