2000 426 valve springs

Hello just joined but have lurked for sometime now.


I am in a bit of a pickle with a 2000 yz426 I just picked up. Got it for basically nothing and the PO stated that engine was fully rebuilt less than 5 hours ago. But the bike had been sitting for a few years. Well I figured it would need some work, started the teardown and inspection process and it simply wasn't true. It has been rebuilt but its been a long time ago. Cam chain was very slack and starting to kink, valves out of adjustment and just very worn looking. 


Currently I have all parts to rebuild except for the valve springs. I can't locate them anywhere that it wont take over a week to get them. Normally this would not be a problem but I'm short on time. I am due for a surgery and won't be mobile for a while, I would like to have this thing back together before this happens. 


My local yamaha dealers seemed less than happy to even sell parts for a 2000. Checked the online places I usually order from and they are backordered everywhere. So the big question, where can I get OEM springs quickly? 


Using the old springs is not an option.

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Just an update, wasn't able to find any springs in stock at any atv/mx locations. One last final attempt at a boat dealership netted me the new springs in stock and 2 days shipping time. 

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