Grease your steering and swingarm berings

I recently sent mt suspension in and I found my swingarm berings to be completely dry no grease at all. I also pulled my steering stem apart and found those rusting. I dont think they know what grease is at the factory.

Mine was also dry with a wax like substance (they come like this from the factory)! Why you are greasing your swingarm go ahead and fix your swingarm or you will end up with a hole in it! CLICK HERE to see what I am talking about! Later,


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I think the manual implies that these areas should get serviced a lot more than most of do.

Typical race bike operation.

I also wanted to add that I have noticed that the engine will shift positions in the frame, causing the swing arm pivot to lose alignment.

It's not much, but if you find that the bolt does not slide in by hand, or via very light tap, then you may want to loosen the engine.

The conclusion will be longer lasting bearings and a swing arm that moves just a tad easier.

Sometimes the fine details can really add up.


I think Yamaha (as well as the other manufacturers) use their grease budget to buy the engineers donuts!!!


Hey Motoman 393--that's MY swingarm on your website!

Before I bought my 00/426 I read an article in DirtRider that said Yamaha was very stingy with their grease and to grease the linkage and headset bearings even before you ride the bike. I pulled the whole thing apart and greased everything before I even took it down the road. Keeping these parts serviced saves a lot of $$$$.


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