High millage for a KLR250..?

i'm looking to buy a duel sport.  i like the klr 250's. i've found one.  an i think its for good money (1500).  its a 03.  an i feel it has been takin care of.  all that said.  the bike has 21k on it.  to me... that seems high.  i don't want something that is going to have to be worked on all the time cause its wore out.  i will not be using this thing as a commuter or daily.   only some weekend fun here an there.  that said..   should i be scared.. i feel like i should be... thoughts .. hopes.. prayers..??  =)

Seems that there are not too many KLR 250 riders on this forum... Did you post this question on KLR650.com? 21K miles is ok if the valves have been adjusted regularly and there is no smoke on start up or when running. Check for any oil leaks. Are the tires new? Check the date stamp on them .... The bike is 10 years old.....$1300 would be a fair price. Dave

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