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Pleas can you help (ASAP) In have been rideing a WR400 With a big gun System on it and it was great, i loved it More power than you could dream of. But i sold it now im sick.

Ive been offerd a cheep YZF426 2001.

I Use my bikes for Enduro's and Green Laneing will the YZ be too much to handle and can i set it up like the good old WR smooth power loads of talk and a wheelie beast. I have heard the gear ratio's are different is this true..????????

If any one can give me advice please help as im going to see the bike tonight.......

First of all, what's "Green Laneing" ??

Second, I ride an 01' YZ 426 almost exclusivly in the woods and on tight trails. Rocks, sand, hills, it doesn't matter the YZ is great. I have geared it down with a 51 tooth sprocket on the rear and a 12 oz. flywheel weight.

I personally haven't ever ridden a WR, but the YZ is the best bike I've ever owned.


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