wr450 clutch much heavier than mates yz250. why?

My wr450 has such a heavy/stiff clutch that after a long day riding I pretty much lose all my grip strength in my left hand. I had the clutch case open today to fix a cracked clutch cover so figured I would pull the whole clutch apart for a clean and measure to see if all in spec etc. Its no wonder it takes so much strength to pull the pressure plate has 6 heavy springs to squeeze against. So how come my mate's yz250 has a clutch you can squeeze easily all day with 1 finger?

A freshly lubed cable does wonders on my bike but you still gota use 2 fingers comfortably. I think my clutch basket is getting bad but il let it be. Thinkn about putting a rekluse in later on

Too many variables to define exactly what it is.

Usually, it is a worn clutch lever and cable (binding, lost leverage) or a worn clutch basket.

Simple carbon build up in the oil can make the clutch stiffer.

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