I posted a different topic about a week ago on this but didnt get many responses... come on people, I need a front disc!!! surely some one has got one laying around that they don't need anymore, I would also like a front rim give me some dollar figures people!! thanks!!

No offense, but I don't know that many people that have spare

disks laying around and if I did, I wouldn't wanna part with it.

Same story for a wheelset.

Your best bet, short of buying new, would be to scour some online

used parts (of which, I know of none) site.

If that doesn't work, call 719-390-7656 for used parts in Colo Spgs.


Sorry, I didn't see that. I do have the original disc off my '98 WR 400. When I bought the bike, I installed DP rotrs front and rear.

What's it worth to you?

Merf, no offense taken, I understand that these parts are hard to find, I figured it was just worth a shot since there are so many riders that post here...thanks

MX, Cool you got one, well lets see, I can actually buy a new EBC for around $70 so Its got to be pretty cheap... email me at please and we can maybe work a deal...thanks

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