87 yz490

Does anyone know of any suspension upgrades for an 87 yz490?

What do you want to do?  You can swap the front end from any of the later model YZ490s and any of the shocks from '83 up will work (you may have to fabricate a mount for the reservoir).


If you swap the whole triples, you can adapt the USD forks from the WR500 to work also.  I am 99% certain that you will have to change out your head stay bearing races to work with the WR500 steering stem bearings.


Of course you can always send the forks and shock to be reworked for your weight and riding style.  Almost all of the reputable suspension shops will be able to work with you on getting the suspension the way you want it to be.

I have been asking if the usd forks and tripple clamps from a wr500 would work on a yz490 for a long time. thanks alot! Fast woods and hillclimbs.

Will the rear shock from a wr500 bolt on an 87 yz490?

Not sure as the WR500 used a frame based on the YZ250.  The shock length shouldn't be an issue, but the lower shock mount (to the linkage) may be a sticky point that would require some custom fab to make fit properly.

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