Help! Changed flywheel (9oz) back wheel spins with clutch engaged



I have a 2009 yz450f and have been converting it for off road's mostly riding single track and lugging up hills in 1st gear. I changed the back sprocket to 52 teeth (original 49) and just changed the flywheel to a heavier 9.2oz flywheel.


However now my back tire spin if the bike is in gear but the clutch is engaged and it doesn't want to change into Neutral when the bike is running. I have to turn off the bike to get it into neutral.....any idea why this is? My would my back wheel be spinning with the heavier flyhweel with my clutch engaged?


Thanks in advance for the help!

You mean with the clutch lever pulled in?  That's DISENGAGED.  Engaged is what the clutch is when your hand is off the lever.


On a stand, the wheel will spin in neutral, never mind in gear.  That's normal.  But the lack of ability to get into neutral is not. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the flywheel, however.  It's caused by the clutch failing to completely release when disengaged, a condition called clutch drag.


This isi caused by improper free play adjustment, warped clutch plates, faulty springs, and/or deep notches in the hub splines or basket fingers.

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