06 Rear Hub Bearing pocket loose

Hello I have an early 06 with the usual rear hub sprocket side loose bearing pocket. I can spin the bearing outer race with my finger and can pull the bearing out halfway. The previous owner had aftermarket chain adjuster blocks that are way off. So therefore the rear wheel was set at an angle and caused this problem. I have tried 3 other used wheels and all have the same problem. I got a great deal on a aftermarket hub and rim that I will use, but i want to get this hub fixed for a spare. Besides getting a new hub for this wheel what have others done to fix it.

I'd imagine you could build up the pocket by welding. Also I think u could press in a sleeve of the correct size. I have tried using permatex bearing mount and it only holds short term. What have you guys done to repair the hub?

Thanks in advance


I work on Spin bikes for a free health club membership they have a problem with the bottom bracket bearing coming loose in the frame, same as your problem, I have taken a piece of feeler guage stock(0.001") wrap it around the bearing and set it into the clean frame with locktite 680 and it has worked on many spinbikes. Might be worth a try.

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