I have got to get some stronger handlebars

What are the strongest handlebars I can get? And at what cost? I have bent the stock ones, to be expected. But then I put on some Renthal Aluminum and bent them too :) Is there any that are strong enough to hold up on even the hardest crashes? If not, I will start buying the most least expensive ones and just have extra sets for when I bent them. Maybe I should just slow down and quit crashing as much :D....................Naaaaahhhh :D


And one other thing, do the fatbars require a different triple clamp? I have heard they are stronger. But I don't want to pay $200+ for some fancy bars and triple clamp and still bend them too.

The oversize bars are much stronger, but require new top clamps. I had Protapers on my XR and went over the bars in 4th, the bike hit the ground so hard my roll chart holder broke off and went 50 feet. The handlebars had just a slight bend in them, totally still ridable. A normal bar would have been wasted. The oversize Renthals have a crossbrase for even more strength.

Pro Taper are solid bars and if you get them with a rubber mounted upper triple clamp they are very hard to bend. :)

I use Renthal Twinwalls(McGrath Bend) with big bar adapters. I am "long waisted", so I can use the extra height. They aren't the cheapest bars around, BUT, they are extremely tough!! :)


What price range am I looking at for either the Pro Tapers Fat bars with new triple or the twin wall Renthals with new triple?

gawarrior there are several fat bars out there, not sure on all the prices but I have 1 bike with Protapers and 1 with FMF 909's. Both have taken hard hits with no bending. I use to go through 2 or 3 sets of alum. bars a season. Not now.

For mounting, on my 250 I have a Applied triple clamp I think it was around $135. On the WR I have 909 adaptor that was closer to $45.

1 final thing to consider is if you use handguards the inside mount (closest to the the triple clamp) will be different and you will need an adapter kit. Usually about $30.

In the long run this stuff has saved me money, on the bars, and some saved rides I'm sure. Good luck.

Protapers can be found for basically the same price as a set of Renthals. But you have to get either a new top triple clamp or an adapter. I think Protaper sells adapters for about 50 or 60 bucks. I had the same problem as you a while back and went with a new top clamp and Protapers. If you get the triple clamp and bars together there's usually a price break. And the aftermarket top clamps are much better than stock and are usually adjustable for height and offset.

Thanks guys. I am gonna look into getting the Pro Tapers and the adapter I think. Does anyone have a suggestion of the best place to get these?

As the TT store doesn't seem to have Pro-Tapers, then check out www.rockymountainmc.com

I bought my pro-tapers there, and they had adapters made by Tusk for $35.00. Rock solid, this combo has survived some pretty spectacular crashes... I also mounted up the Tusk D-Flex handguards at the same time, brought the total to $200, but way worth it. The handguards don't even move when I crash, and I think they add strength to the bars.

If you don't want your bars taller, buy one of the bends that say "universal", that will compensate for the 3/4" rise added by the adapters. The CR High bend is very comfortable. If you ride a lot of TIGHT woods, then you might look into one of the woods bends, they are narrower by an inch or two for fittin' between close trees (or through narrow doorways, see pics from 24 hour race in NW Forum).

Happy hunting. Oh yeah, and here is a picture of the finished product...


And one with the Handguards:


I love these handguards, but I must let you know, they required a little work to mount. They needed to be bent a bit to match the bend of the bars, needed a vice, a rag, and a big hammer. Also, I put grip tape around the bars and inside the clamps (from the handguard to the bar), this helped the clamps hold the bar better, and keep them from moving around. Whole project took maybe three hours (bars, grips, and handguards).

I think that is the route I will go. Do you know if the Moose Handguards will fit on the Pro Tapers? That is what I have now.

I am sure the moose guards will work, but you will need to get the adapters for big bars (from moose).

Get the Protaper bars. They are garenteed, so if you bend them you can send them back and they will give you a new pair.


Maybe I should just slow down and quit crashing as much :D....................Naaaaahhhh :)


Ride faster and stop crashing sounds like a good option, try that.

If you want one more opinion I say go with ProTaper. I'm just like you. I bent my stock bar on the first ride. Then I bent a Renthal bar with my leg when I hit a tree in third gear, bike stopped and I kept going (broke my femur too). I bent one more Renthal after that, and then bought a ProTaper. The last bar I ever bought. I'd like to say I didn't crash after that, but that would be a big lie. It's been on my bike for at least 3 years now. Actually had a 4th gear getoff (yes there were broken bones) but my ProTaper was still good. :)

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