03 WR 450 rear bearings and seal sizes

For reference, you will be able to get bearings and seals at a driveline or transmission shop for less than half dealer price with this info. These are standard metrics sizes, bring your old ones in to make sure if you like. One of each will do the rear hub.


60-22 rs


62-22 rs





This is actually a much more complete post.



Yes, I did search the old post last night and able to retrieve what I think are the bearing numbers & kit numbers. Now was the time for purchase

The research I did turned up this

Front Bearing Wheel Kits

MSR 41-3615 Retail 23.00

Pivot 41-6690 Retail 30.00 PWFWK-Y07-421

All Balls 41-6904 Bearing R $8.85
41-6368 Seals R $2.90

This is what I came up with last night from the forum.

Part (same for WR250F or YZ250F)
OEM Number
2001-2004 Front Wheel Bearing (n=2) 93306-90403-00
2001-2004 Front Oil Seal (n=2) 93102-26468-00
2001 Front Bearing Spacer 5DH-25117-00-00
2002-2004 Front Bearing Spacer 5NY-25117-00-00
2001-2004 Rear Wheel Bearing Drive Side 93306-27205-00
2001-2004 Rear Wheel Bearing Brake Side 93306-07202-00
2001-2004 Rear Oil Seal Drive Side 93106-30044-00
2001-2004 Rear Oil Seal Brake Side 93106-30045-00
2001-2004 Rear Bearing Spacer 5ET-25317-00-00

•Front Wheel Bearings: 6904-2RS Correct 03 WR450
•Front Seals: 26 x 38 x 7
•Rear Drive Side Bearing: 62/22RS – Correct 03 WR450
•Rear Drive Side Seal: 30 x 50 x6
•Rear Brake Side Bearing: 60/22RS – Correct 03 WR450
•Rear Brake Side Seal: 30 x 44 x 5

Aftermarket Bearings

Pivot Works

oFront Wheel Kit (PWFWK-Y07-421): includes 2 bearings (20 X 37 X 9) and 2 oil seals (25 X 38 X 7)
oRear Wheel Kit (PWRWK-Y08-421): includes 2 bearings (one 22 X 44 X 12 and one 22 X 15 X 14) and 2 oils seals (one 29 X 44 X 5 and one 29 X 50 X 6)

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