Bent rim. How much is to much?

I've bent the front rim on my 650. When I spin the tire, there is a 3-4 inch stretch of rim that "bows" out about 1/4 of an inch. The brake rotor is also rubbing in this area.

Is this enough to be a concern/unsafe? And can it usually be fixed? :)

Yes - it can be fixed. Yes - it is enough to be concerned about. Yes - it could be unsafe in that it could contribute to high speed instability. Chances are the wheel assembly has not lost any strength. You need to determine if it is the rim that is bent or if the rim just needs to be trued with spoke tension. Either is simple to fix.

I took my wheel to my local tire guy. He said,"It's bent(a flat spot) and there's nothing you can do about that". So he tightened up my spokes and sent me on my way.

He seemed to think that it wasn't unsafe structurally. I hope he's correct.

If your not sure I would err to the side of safety and buy a new one.

I have several big flat spots on both rims. As long as I don't see any signs of cracks, I just tighten the spokes, true it as best I can and go try to put some more in them. :)

I have had a few square rims in my life and there are two options. The first is to buy a new one. Second is a bit more fun, but can be painful to the weak of heart.

This second option involves a towel, a block of wood and a sledge hammer. Loosen your spokes a bit, grab an old towel place it over the bent area. Hold the block of wood over the flat place on the side of the rim and proceed to hammer the sh*t out of it. Eventually it will return to it original starting point. It will not look as nice, but it will definetely take the flat spot out of it.

Think about it. How did it get that flat spot? You likely hit something really hard and that caused the bend. So the only logical way to bend it back is by force. It works, really!!! Just watch out for your hand under the hammer. Good luck.

Both of my rims have numerous dents in them... They're almost square :) I think I've hit about every rock in the state of Nevada.... :D

I'm just gonna ride with them until I decide to get a new bike.. New hoops run about 110.00 each, really not too expencive but if I bought new ones I would just dent them too.. Just ride with them, they don't slow you down any...

I can picture Sunny with a cold beer on a perfect Cabo day out there with the hammer. Man what a life!

I am right there with ya Dan. Whats the problem with bent rims? At 110mph i dont feel anything wobbling about, even on pavement. :)

I have had 2 cracks in my rear Excell rim for about 2000 race miles now (including the entire Baja 1000)-- i keep a close eye on it...but it doesnt seem to be growing or causing any harm...if i go get a third set of rims--they will just end up bent in a few weeks anyway!

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