Brand new "Clutch Factory" ($179.00)kevlar clutch kit,recent brand new OEM clutch basket,new Yamalube 10w-40 non synthetic oil,cable adjusted properly,all bolts torqued to spec,soaked the plates in the Yamalube for 2 hours,put the metal plates in with the sharper edge facing out(although I must say they seemed pretty darn similar and hard to tell which was the sharp and which was the round side,but once I decided,I put them all in the same direction),and my bike still wanted to creep even with the lever against the handlebar and very little play when the lever was out.Is this normal? It did get better as I rode today,putting in about an hour of moto.It now goes into neutral and all the gears more easily,and it doesn't creep unless I rev it real high,and then I can feel it move forward a bit.I usually use cheapie($60.00) TUSK clutches and have never had this experience.Will it continue to break in,or should I take it apart and have a look?Thanks!(could be total coincidence,but I just saw another post where the guy had the same problem when his clutch was disengaged after adding a 9 oz. flywheel.....I just added a 9 oz. GYTR flywheel too)


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This is typical of a brand new clutch, especially the aftermarket plates.  Most of them will drag quite a bit when they are new.  2-3 hours of good hard normal use usually straightens things out.

Thanks,Grayracer!I LOVE the heavier flywheel,by the way.I was kinda on the fence about buying one,but after looking at all your posts regarding it,I went for it,and it was AWESOME!Really great hook up.I even tried going even slower than my usual speed into tight corners,and it didn't feel like it wanted to stall.I'm a believer!

This is pretty normal with the aftermarket performance clutches. I put a Barnett setup in my nitrous drag race r1 and it stalls the first time you put it into gear, it grips that good. After holding the lever in for 30 seconds therefore disengaging the clutch it then goes into gear fine. Even with over 100 passes it still does it, but it works so damn good that I put up with it.

Those tusk clutches are surprisingly good for how cheap they are. Ive had problems with them on CR's but the Yz kit works pretty good. Not the best out there but $ for $ can't be touched

I disagree passionately.  Since they don't last anywhere near as long as OEM, that has to be factored in, and when it is, the value doesn't pencil out well at all.  Besides, the simple fact is that they don't perform like OEM, either.

I'm at 182 hours on a big bore with a tusk clutch kit racing open A and never had a problem with it. It came out to $33 with my discount. I bought brand new oem steels and fibers and springs last year when it had 121 hours on it but it still works great. I ended up putting the oem steels and fibers in my other 06 and to this day they perform exactly the same with Both bikes being raced. Both bikes had brand new baskets and hubs installed at the same time. Maybe mine is the rare exception but mine works flawlessly

A lot depends on your riding style and choice of venue.  The way I ride MX on a big four-stroke, the clutch hardly gets touched.  I never fan it or feather it on an MX track at all, so almost any clutch that will simply hold the power would last for years.


Desert racing is another matter.  Picking your way through some of the rocky uphill canyon sections and that sort of hare scrambles kind of stuff is hard enough on the clutch that I've had smoke start blowing out the breather by the time I got through.  In that environment, the cheap clutches get separated from the good ones very quickly.  When I installed the Rekluse, the original OEM friction plates from '06 were still in place, and I ran them almost two more years before I replaced them, not because they were worn out or slipping, just wouldn't release cleanly anymore.

Single track as well. Again I just might be the only one having luck with the tusk clutch

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nitrousR1,I have used TUSK clutches in a number of bikes...Two YZ125's,yz250,yz450f,and I think a 426....They have been great.Like Grayracer,I am not hard on my clutch at all.There would be a TUSK clutch in this 450f,but the company I ordered from sent the wrong one,so I got the Clutch Factory kit from my local Yamaha dealer because I needed it NOW,and couldn't wait for the correct TUSK kit to be shipped(my two cents).

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