Trying to fiqure out why we like our BRP's

I bought a xr650r because I wanted a powerful bike. It makes a great dual sport bike. And for some reason no one compares that aspect to the crf450's and wr450's. That is one area that the xr650r does much better. It does not need that much maintenance. I dont have to chance the oil every other ride etc.. Its such a great bike that I am going to take with me to Portugal for the summer :)

The xr650r is the only bike I can out ride my friends on r1's, gsxr1000s in the twisties provided i have supermoto wheels.

If you forget all the hype out there, the xr650r is actually a great bike. I chose a bike I liked instead of what magazines told me I should want.

I love my xr650r. It



I stopped writing to the 650 group for a couple months just cause it was SO boring. The other TT sites are full of bar-bangin---guys bragging about using each other for traction. They dont all agree with each other about everything. They have an edge thats missing here. The 650 site seems more like an old folks home. So -- yeah-- totally -- its just to stir it up a bit. I'm not sure I really believe half the stuff i write-but sometimes i do snicker a bit. After the holidays i am gonna be busy again and wont have so much time on my hands....till then:

KX500's Rule! :)

I will roost all over you and your 500 any day of the year. Bring it on beeyyatch!!!!!

Friends don't let friends ride green. Blue however might very well smoke you off the line, but other than that all is fair game...

Mike...I don't care what they say about you, you are a stand up guy and I will ride with you anytime. It might all be true, but who gives a [@#$%&!] right. You should come and race with us in southern baja sometime. Great races and no [@#$%&!] politics to deal with. Just get out there and race your ass off.

See ya mi amigo.

XR/CR Dave-

The new Husaberg FE650E is a re-worked model. Its not the one from magazines past. Those older Husies didnt have oil filters, broke often, and where a bit hard to start, etc. I dont know much about the new Husaberg (its just getting here), other than whats on the internet-and that some very fast guys are buying them.

I agree the KX500 needs work/cash to race it. In my humble opinion its cheaper to set up-as it's $500-$1000 less to buy, doesnt need: a cam, HD cam chain, 11:5 piston, pipe, carb, oil sight tube, etc. ($2000) Suspension set up might be a little less as well. OK it may need some porting, and maybe a pipe. Other costs are common to all bikes (tank, dampner, stator, bash plate, etc.)

BUT- maybe you are right. Maybe the KX500 would cost just as much to set up. Like you, i really like our bike. :) Just my sweet, carefully worded, humble, safe little yule tide two pesos worth...


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