WR450 2013 FMF muffler

I don't use it and there are others on here that do the same. After a minute or so they expand and seal up nicely. And I do know that my header and muffler expands and contracts about 4-6mm's at that slip connection.

WRLuisSA: what was the part number on the muffler you got ?


I want a Ti muffler on my bike.  The mufflers listed for the 2012 are not Ti.   I need to get a muffler from an earlier model and make it work. 


Would it be possible to bend the inlet pipe where its close to contacting the engine ?

Powercore Hex  044397



Not sure if an earlier model will work though... Maybe others can help you

I ordered a Powercore Ti for a 2009 YZ450F, part  number 044230.  It should fit pretty close.   The midpipe is stainless.   I might need to mod it just a bit.

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The Q4 looks like it's a little longer than the powercore.  I think I'm gonna get a powercore with a quiet insert.

I have the gytr powercore on my 20012 and even with the quiet insert it is still quite loud.  This was done when new with good packing and could hardly tell a difference. Would have gone with the Q4 if I could do it over.

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