leaded fuel residue?

whats up guys? i want to see if any of you have experienced a residue in the exhaust when using leaded fuel i am currently running VP MR2 fuel the scoot runs really crisp but i notice a greyish residue in the exhaust any ideas?

What you are seeing is probably a slight carbon buildup which is normal. The reason it is gray is because of the lead in the race fuel. Unless the biuld up is really bad, no worries!!


I haven’t tried normal 93 leaded in my bike, I’ve been using unleaded ever since I got the bike.

Will the bike run better on leaded (normal not race gas)?

If so will I have to change my jetting if I want to try it?

The grey build up is lead deposits, no big deal, just change your plug more often because it builds up on the plug really bad.

I just rebuilt mine after a year of running leaded race and was curious to see if the piston or combustion chamber had alot of build up, but it did not.

Later, Jason

Originally posted by Psycho426:

I haven’t tried normal 93 leaded in my bike


You have 93 octane leaded??? I am jealous!! Leaded fuel is a good thing. The lead helps to lubricate/buffer the valve train. If the leaded gas is the same octane as the unleaded you are using you should not have to re-jet.


Ernie - Yep, we are lucky aren't we(we don't have such strict pollution laws yet). We even have a fuel that is called 'Dual Fuel'(also 93), I'm not sure how it works but it's guaranteed for use in <font color="Navy">both leaded and unleaded petrol engines, neat isn't it :)

Thanx, I'll give the leaded a shot the weekendbigok.gif

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I've also been using MR2 fuel with the slighty ashy grey residue. The throttle response with this fuel and proper jetting is phenomenal. C-12 worked well also but doesn't give the revability that MR2 does. At least that was my experience.

Originally posted by Boit:

I've also been using MR2 fuel


What are they getting for a gallon of MR2 in La??? I can't find it for less than $9.00 a gallon here in So. Cal. :)


Ernie: $8 per gallon for MR2 in 5 gallon sealed pails. The pail makes a dandy pump gas container for the lawn mower once I've used the fuel up.

Thanks for the input i just needed to easy my mind. and kudos to BK I did the mod a few nights ago and OH MY GOD!that has to be the best $.75 cents I have ever spent. :)

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