Will a 2002 wr426f suit my needs?

Hello everybody, I'm trying to find a fun little trail bike that I can use to just tool around with my friends and such. I was looking at smokers for awhile but they seem like a pain in the ass (maybe I've been lead astray). Anyways there is a 2002 wr426 for sail for $2000 and it seems like it would be a really fun bike. I have a KLR650 right now and as good of a commuter as it is, it absolutely sucks offroadicon1.png. What I want to know about the wr426 are the following:


1. How reliableicon1.png are they? I don't want to have to keep dumping money into it as I'm sixteen and my part time job can only get me so far.


2. How good are they for general woods riding, wide open fields, dirt roads, etc?


3. I would probably try to get it plated eventually (I live in Maine by the way). How are they on the road?


4. The one I'm looking at has a yz exhaust already installed and assuming I did other free mods and such, can it do powericon1.png wheelies at least up to third gear?


Wheelies are very important to me because It's the most fun you can have on two wheels  :)


If you guys have any other recommendations for bikes that suit my needs, let me know, I'm open to anything.


Here's the bike: http://boston.craigs...3986379317.html


Oh and I've been riding for years, I'm 6'5" and 220 pounds so please spare me the stuff about it being to much for me.

I personally would not buy one that old for that much.

For another 500+ you can find a WR450 no problem.

Much better bike overall.

A newer 450 is a better bike. But there will be no comparing this nike to your KLR off road.Yes it will wheelie just fine with the YZ pipe. Change the exhaust cam to YZ timing if it hasn't been done or an auto compression release yz450 cam to help even more. It rides like a dirt bike on the road. It's not an XR400, this engine is no joke.

It looks like its low hour bike in the listing but bikes to me seem to look rough quickly because of the hard core rocky off road riding you guys have in New England. Offer a lower price. That is a little much. But if you really want it don't lose it over a hundred dollars

I own a 2002 wr426 and love it. I have dualsported it and have over 12,000 miles on it on the road. I put a 16t sprocket on the front which helps a lot. Still can do single track very well. Valves get checked twice a year, and have never needed adjusting. I do not ride the bike in the high rpms because it is not necessary for my riding style. Engine doesnt burn a drop of oil and I change it every 600 miles with shell rotetta t 10w-40. If it has been taken care of, great bike.

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