2014 YZ 450 much better than before?

I know Mathis and JS7 really hurt sales of Yamaha 450's from 2010 on. JS7 wasn't invincible on it since he hurt his hand in 2010 and well Mathis just figured it must be bad and said it on Pulp MX a lot.


I broke my wrist bad at the beginning of July, so my new 2014 went to someone else. I haven't rode one. I have had a 2010-2013 and loved them all. Even bought TTX suspension for one of the bikes, which only helped on flatlandings mostly. Steered a little more precise, but all in all I loved that generation of bike.


I must say that if the 2014 was so good, you would think that JGR and the like would be riding them now. The engine that is standard for 2014 is probably very similar to what JGR is running now.  So I don't think development on the engine of EFI would be a big deal. Even JGR with FMF pioneered the new style wrap-a-round pipe on the 2013 bikes that is standard on the 2014.


So my question is this-Why doesn't Yamaha and JGR just run this new 2014 bike that has the same geometry and rear suspension curve as the previous bike? I even saw Jake Canada, who is sponsored by Dubach Racing, riding a 2013 yesterday at Unidilla.


I would think if the bike is that superior to the old bike, they would do what Villy and Kawi did in 2011 and run the 2012 midway through the series.


Yamaha did this in 2007 with Grant Langston-he rode a 2008 frame and fork midway through the series and went on to win the title. 


I'm thinking the more things change, the more they stay the same.



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At the pro level the 2014 is essentially what they have been running

For us the 2014 will be like having a jgr 2013 not qiite but you get the idea.

Secret is: The 2010-2013 were good bikes and the 14 is just a refinement of them so they are not alot  better. Dubach sold decent amount of product for the 2010-13. Think about it engine relocation kits, radiator lowering kits. Probably not thrilled to jump to a bike that doesn't showcase these. JGR customizes the bike to do what they want it could be an 09 for all they care and they already have everything the 14 has.


I haven't rode one yet so this may be completely wrong.

other than the 10/13 being ''big'' feeling I think their great bikes. I personally ride a 13 ktm 450 but loved the yams Ive ridden.. I think the Honda has more issues than the yami imo

I think its a few things:

1. The 10-13 is a good bike.

2. JG33 has been doing very well on the 13

3. Yamaha still has 12s and 13s to sell so they are probably requesting the race teams continue to race the 13 to promote sales.

4. The 10-13 is well developed and tested for racing.

5. The teams have not had much time to test and set up the 14. I just saw JG on it for the first time last week.

At the pro level the 2014 is essentially what they have been running

For us the 2014 will be like having a jgr 2013 not qiite but you get the idea.

Ya, I kind of agree with this. The JGR bike already has the wrap-around pipe, engine relocated and has slimmer bodywork. Figure in the JGR suspension and it's probably very close. I'm sure, like Joe said above, bike sales and the actual '14 platform not being 100% ready is also a factor, to some extent. Hey, look at what the 10-13 did at LL this year. Pretty impressive. I don't think the '14 will be a completely new-feeling bike. Tests seem to elude to that. But it just fixes the small issues the 10-13 does have (which JGR seemed to have done also).

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