rubber or solid triple clamp mounts

Just wanted to find out what everybody thinks

The bad thing about rubber mounted bars is when you wreck everything gets tweeked to an unbelieveable degree (my experience). That was killing me in races (with my KX) so I actually switched the KX over to solid bar mounts. I even tried the Scott's hard rubber version of the grommets, still not acceptable though.

When I was just riding desert (hardly ever wrecked) it was no big deal and the extra cushioning was very nice. However, a wreck while moto-ing with rubber mounts resulted in me DNFing a good number of times or having to putt around the track with the bars and wheel 20 degrees out from each other. I hate to pay to race and then not be able to get my money's worth cause I dropped it in a burm.

With all that said, RG3 has some cosmic looking rubber mounted trip clams/bar mounts that are supposed to eliminate the twisting thing (have a total of 4 mount points). The only caveat to them is they're expensive. Supposedly, the quality is sweet though. I think the Nov issue of MXA had an article on them.

A lot depends on how bad the vibes are bothering you. If you have the money to burn, then I say try some out. If you can't afford to spend money testing products than I would say stick to aluminum bars and practice not holding on too tight (live with it). Also, if you wreck a lot they might not be a good choice either.

Just my .02

i have the rg3 setup and it is awsome (i guess u get what u pay for) i hit a tree amonth ago and went down hard (broke the throtle tube,front brake lever,clutch cover,smashed my pipe,bent the raditor,thrashed the front fender,raditor shoud,side panel you get the point) and the bars (pro-taper) did not move at all straight as an arrow as soon as i picked up the bike no twisting at all not so with other rubber mounted clamps .pricey but good.

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