New 04 yz 450

Hey guys, just picked up a barely used 04 yz 450 from a guy at work for $1700. This bike has still got the original tires on it and the only scratches on it are from storing in a garage for 9 years.

Anyway I took the bike on a 50 mile single track ride last Saturday and came away with some good and bad impressions.

First of all for the most part I thought the bile was fun to ride and I loved the power off the bottom end and was impressed with the suspension even though it doesn't have the sss forks my sons yz has. I thought the bike handled well and even though it has the steel frame, seemed to handle well and didn't feel heavy at all to me.

Now for the bad... I had to ride the bike for about 10 miles before I noticed it only had a 4 speed. It became noticeable after we started hitting some transfer sections between trails, but other than that didn't seem too bother me to much. The thing that probably bothered me the most was the chain slap. Anytime the bike was pulling hard you instantly notice the chain going crazy back there. Definitely annoying. Last but not least is the way the bike reacts in technical situations when its in a neutral power situation and the bike stalls.

I went ahead and ordered a flywheel weight for it and a pro moto spark arrestor .

I also want to add a dual sport kit but have my doubts after reading through the past threads on the subject on this bike. It seems like there is no good solution for a lighting coil for the ignition. Also the only option on making the bike a 5 speed is to buy a complete gear set for a similar year wr.

So do I keep it and live with the issues or should I sell it and pick up a newer yz aluminum framed machine.

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In the 4 speed, the first three ratios are functionally identical to 1-3 in the '06+ 5 speeds.  The ratio of 4th gear in the four speed falls between the ratios of 4th and 5th in the 5 speed models.  It is a little bit lower, so it cuts into the top speed a little bit, but it only amounts to about 5 mph at 8000 RPM in top gear. 


The stalling goes right back to the gear box again.  It's an MX bike with a close ratio trans and a shot-nosed, fiesty engine with aggressive cam timing and very little rotating mass on the crank. Just like all the later YZ450's.  The flywheel will help quite a bit, as will keeping the idle circuit tuned a bit on the lean side.


Since you have it, and it's in good condition, I'd say ride it a while and have some fun with the thing.  Then decide to keep it or upgrade.

Thanks for the advice gr. I plan on jetting the bike a bit leaner since I'm sure its never been touched. Also I want to add a stainless idle mix screw. Also I see that stealthy makes a 40 watt lighting stator for this bike. Haven't heard much good about the other aftermarket stators. I assume this would be great for running a token headlight and blinkers and such if I plate the bike.

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