Todays T-Talk members ride.

Got a group together for a ride today Via Thumper Talk. We rode the forest above Gorman. Had a bitchen time. Here are the pics. T-Talk members ride.

Cool pics! :) I really liked the off road recovery vehicle. :D :D :D Looks like the ride had some sharp nasty rock sections. I wish I was there.

SWEET!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting!

I was up there on Saturday. Are the pictures of the Snowy Trial? Kinda looks like Piru Trail too. Thats the loop that we did. Sure am greatful those routes are still open this time of year. Thanks for the post......

No Snowy pics. Some Piru trail pics. Join us next time.

Cool pics.

I wanna go next time :)

I was there. What a great bunch of guys. I had a ball. Just let me know when you want to go again!


Great photos, thanks for sharing...

Dan :)

Gee, I'm dissapointed. When you posted "forest above Gorman" I was expecting to see trees, real trees not junipers, but Firs & and Pines. You know REAL TREES. :)

Other than that it looked like I should have been there Too.


What is the deal with the rolled trucks?

The purple Ford needed to be towed out of the area. The black truck tries to tow it out and they both rolled over the side of the cliff. I have no Idea how they are going to get those things out of there now?

Nice Pics Tp3dxf, nice trail, where is that stream? I ride Gorman and the only stream I know is off Schmidt trail. It looks like there is a nice climbing trail from the stream coming out of the Canyon.

I took a one way trail from Hungry Valley into Frasier Park that had those poles that only allow motorcycles across. The going was slow with alot of rocks and shale. It looks like you might have taken that trail.

Please publish your route. I would like to try it. Is it a loop? Thanks in advance

What is the deal with the rolled trucks?

Yeah, my thoughts too. Thought for a moment they were riding in Afghanistan or something. Looks like destroyed Taliban rigs. Hey, anyone think we should make Iraq a big ORV park? Whatta ya think? Does look like a cool place to ride. In my state, we just have towering evergreens, its pretty, but I like the "desert" landscape too. Have to travel to central Washington to get that. :)

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