power of 450vs250

Hey im doing research on an 04 4stroke.

My previous bikes are in my sig. I rode my cousins 250 rfs but its a dog. I havent ridden any wrf yet. Im not sure if the 250 with the free mods will be good enough for me, although it could be. Im just wondering if i should opt for the 450. But im not sure if the bike is too much power. I live in RI, im 19, wigh about 135lbs (i can handle a bike though) 5 6 or 5 7. I just recently took a yr off riding, but i dont think it should be a problem. So do you think ill kill myself? :)

I will not be racing it, but i want a bike thats got power when i need it, but still able to whip through the woods.

I think you are ready for the ATK Intimidator 700! :D Size makes no difference. Just ride what you like! :)

I'm 16 and I haven't been riding for lon but the power delivery in the WR450 is so smooth and nice that I think you won't need to worry about getting your self killed, it is very easy to control but you still have plenty power when you whant it. I would say go for the 450.

If your looking to whip a bike thur the woods. And based on your size and weight I would say get the 250. I have a 01WR426 is has plenty of power for me. I just wished it was about 50lbs lighter.

Get the 250 I have ridden with WR250 guys in the woods and they can really make that bike move.

If you were racing Dez I would say get the 450.

Get the 250 it has plenty of power. If I was your size and weight and riding the tight suff I would get the 250.

The 250 is the bike for you with your size and weight. The WR or CRFX will have more power than the 250 RFS. If you want more power than the 250 4s will deliver I would go with a KTM 200 EXC if you don't object to a 2stroke.

yea i like 2strokes but i kinda want a 4stroke now. I have a gasgas ec200 and the bike is awesome in the woods, but im selling it for different reasons. Truly awesome woods weapon.

Yea i think i should be happy with the 250. Much cheaper as well. Dont think i need the 450, but we'll see.

My cousin is getting the 351 kit for his rfs 250. What would I need to do to the wrf250 to be as powerful as his? considering all the free mods were done. I havent seen any 351 kits for them? Are they available for the wr?

I would just get the 450 if you need that much power. 351 kit is too large for the Yamaha design and I fear you will be asking for reliability issues. The 450 weighs only about 10 lbs more than the 250. :)

damn, well 10lbs aint that much. How much harder is it to handle? Im guessing my arms will get tired easier.

Ive heard the wr450 has smoother power than the 426.

Im just wondering if the 450 is too much. Only thing is there is no way to tell.

Im coming off a gasgas ec200 so it will be a completely diff ballgame

You can tone down the 450 with a aftermarket cork in the pipe and a stock length throttle stop will give you only 3/4 throttle opening until you are more comfortable. Either way you wont feel the weight difference as much as the power. The WR450 is very smooth and easy to control and has a more gentle exhaust cam then the YZ 450. If you like to ride wide open and hang on type riding the 450 is just too much. I recently rode a 04 wr250 and found it easier to ride since I just wound it out in every gear. The 450 will rip out of your arms coming out of corners wheeling like crazy under full load. If you get the 250 do not overbore it. Just ride it as is. It is plenty fast and you should be able to keep up to most mortals. :)

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