CO rider want a new CRF for $5799 OTD?

OK, I have a deal but it entails 700 miles of driving each way. I am looking for someone who wants a new CRF in the Denver area willing to split driving and gas to pick up the bikes. I will supply the vehicle. Brand new CRFs, $5799 otd, no tax. You get the same deal I am getting. We would pick them up next month. Any interest? Email me at

Where are you driveing to? :)

Originally posted by THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER:

Where are you driveing to? :)

Near Tulsa, Oklahoma. I checked out forward air a week ago but they dont pick up from the dealer, and they must be fully crated. The dealer wants $65 to crate, and shipping will be $100 or so (forward air wouldnt give me a quote without dimensions and weight). Then someone there would have to move the crates from the dealer to forward air location.

That is probably what I am going to do, but if I had one or two other guys I would drive.

No takers. CRFs must have lost their luster.


Just a heads up, but Forward Air will not accept a crate unless it's boarded up with either plywood or masonite boarding. It's a protection factor, so don't think you can just bring them a cardboard covered crate. They won't accept it. I found out the hard way a while back. Hope this helps.

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