Leaking oil, suggestions?

I have oil seeping out the clutch actuation lever.  Seeping up, running down the case and making a mess on the skidplate. 


Enough, that after not too long of a ride, its noticeably low on the dip stick.


Looks like I have to pull the clutch, the basket, pushrod and all that junk, then should be able to pull the clip holding the rod in and replace the seal.  That's just looking at the diagram in the manual.



Has anyone replaced  this or had this apart before?

G' day mate, yep that's what has to happen, follow the manual take your time, freeze the seal, heat the seat a little, & when you re-install the clip, try to keep the ends on the outside for easy removal if it ever happens again, & just check the roller bearing under the seal for gunk that may have found its way in, hit it with contact cleaner, flush the oil, re- assemble & enjoy, cheers Andy.

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