jesse james aint got nothing on me

ok, that's not true. but i'm pretty pround of the hack job i did on this piece of metal i found in the drawer of a work bench...

the problem: i have a forward mount scotts and i wanted to go back to using the oem odometer to help me keep time in enduros. the forward mount leaves no room for the odo and scotts is pretty pround of their bracket.

i used a cutting disk to shape out a bracket that is mounted to the top triple clamp bolt. i grinded down the edges and drilled the holes where the oem unit mounts large enough to use the oem rubber plugs to help dampen dez hits.

i put two rides in on the rig over the weekend. the setup works and is pretty sano. i've never tried to fab my own stuff and i'm stoked.

what's next? i'm thinking about building my own dashboard out of alu that will cover the front of the triple clamp and incorporate a gps unit, odo, spedo, and rollchart, once i dedicate my 650 to full time dual sport use.


Nice job :)

I've done a similar thing to most our bikes from scrap aluminum in terms of making a similar bracket in the same place. I mounted the tach/hour meters at that location so my kids can see them while riding.

thanks quadsan. i know most of you guys could rail stuff like this out in minutes. me, it took a couple of hours, ok maybe 3.:)

thanks for picking up my fumble garhead... i tried to reveal the pics in my post using: ... is this not correct html? they wouldn't show so i hyperlinked them..

what tags did you use to reveal my photos?

Just to let you know, it gets crowded up there, I added my GPS on the left side of my Scotts stab. and there's not much room left...

Here's all of them. I'm thinking of making something similar for my bike, but the CR forks I'm gonna put on have the bolt heads on the back side of the triple clamp :).





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