I did my first valve check...'12 wr450

So I did my first valve check on my new bike. It has about 6 hours on it now. It was much easier then I had expected.

Here is a brief description on how I got to the valve cover. After the shrouds are removed and the tank is loose, just unplug the electrical clips to the fuel pump. To remove the fuel line there is a little black clip behind the orange clip. This clip splits apart and gets removed. I used a small screw driver to separate it. Once removed the orange clip slids down. Squeeze the fuel line and pull off. Put the cap and plug that came in the tool kit on the fuel pump and fuel line to keep dirt out. There are some wires and a electrical plug that are around the cover as well that I moved around. I also unbolted a plate that is right in front of the cover.

After that just pull the cover and check the valves. All of my valves were in spec. Hopfully if and when the shims need to be swapped out it won't be to hard.

I also checked the spark plug. It was a bit dark which is what I was hoping for. I have been running a little extra fuel in the mapping while I was breaking it in.

While the tank is off I should be getting my new ims tank to swap it out.

Good luck all

Nice write up. I did my first valve check 3 months ago on my '07 WR 450 :-O. The only reason I even checked them was because I decided to put in the YZ Hotcams for the WR. So I had all the valves replaced. My motor guy said they all checked out fine and was going to reuse a couple of them. I replaced them all just to ay it safe as everything we was going to be new. Bumped up piston by .5 and did a port job. Bike runs mean now :-)

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