No more Renthal Bars for me

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Wow, you must be pissed. I could not read a word you tried to type. :)

I don`t know how you broke`em but a friend of mine go the same result when he crashed his XR600 on a 5th gear wheelie...luckily enough he only had a few bruises...


Were they Twinwalls? I have a pair of Twinwalls and LOVE them. I know one guy who landed off a jump and his bars broke, but they were not Twinwalls. If yours was not Twinwalls, you should get a pair, you would love them. Chris

Hey try the Oneil prolocks on there doublewall bars the price is right and I never had any break I've sold hundereds of them. I use the FMF 909 bars and they cost more but they kickass I've crashed couple of good crashes and they wont bend or break :)

Am I the only one who can't see Kirtwells picture?

sirthumpalot I couldn't see the picture either I just copied the address into my browser to see the picture.

Those are not Twin-Walls, just the standard 7/8 model, the triple clamp and bar mounts look stock to me.


'99 YZ400F

Thanks for the link. ouch!! I'm very curious to know if the break was due to a crash, or did it break while riding?

I don't care for Renthal either. In the real world where you and I ride, they don't hold up.

My friend Michael who rides a KX125 had a set of renthals that busted exactly like yours. Except it almost seriously injured him! He wrecked in a berm and got tangled underneath the bike and the "jagged" bars broke his chest protector and just barely missed his rib cage (could have been real nasty). The thing about twinwalls is that they have an inner wall and this wall is thinner than the outer wall and is prone to breakage (from flex)...and how are you going to know if it is broken or not when you cant see it?

On the other hand I have never seen a Pro Taper snap (but I have seen 3 renthals snap)! The Pro Tapers are a far superior bar IMO, and I have first hand experience that they can take ALOT of abuse and can bend very far from their "stock" position and still not break. Later,


I had a pair of 7/8 Renthals break right at the clamp in a crash before also. In their defense I had bent them back with a big pipe after a previous crash bent them a little before. If you crash allot get the big bars. Then again I bailed out big one time and snapped a set of ProTapers at the same spot. Oh well it's only money... :)


Due to the seriousness of this, you should detail what happened.

Did this bike fall out of the back of the truck, or did they break while landing a jump?


My uncle also had a set of renthals, as they were cost effective. THey broke on him in the desert, and caused him serious injurys. He will never buy a set of renthals again, and swears by ProTapers....same thing I have always used.

I've seen one set of Pro Tapers snap Garrett. The resulting

carnage was pretty unreal though as my buddy broke both arms

while breaking the PT's. It definitely wast NOT the fault of the PT's.



I had renthals on my 250 and so did my friend.

Niether broke but after one MILD

and I do mean MILD crash........"together"!!! :D

both of us had to replace and DID NOT go back to renthals! :D

But on the other hand my friend w/00'wr has gone thru 2 pair PT's


He is a pa siko#@*


and does mostly hard core trail 70mph!!!!

This last time he had missed a corner and flew off of a ledge and the entire 600lbs of WR landed on the left side bar end but did not break....only bent about 1" !!!!! :D

So PT's are not invincible either but I believe a much better product for the $$$$$$

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oh yeah almost forgot about todd my friend w/kx250.

He usually only does DEZ and went out this past summer and gave the MX thing a shot one more time.

He went long on a DBL and snapped a pair of the PT's like a twig! :D

When he put them on with a new 3clamp he FAILED to FILE down the edges on the 3clamp!

Those things are like steak knives are to butter!

They are very sharp and cut alum very quickly and weaken in a spot at the edge of the clamp and sooner or later WHAMMO!

He broke 3 ribs and knocked the jack schmidt out of him! :)

Lucky that is all that happened to him!


My husband did the same exact thing to his Renthal bars when he grazed a tree in Colorado. He never crashed or anything. He now runs the same bars I do Pro-tapers.

Well I had the same thing happen to me, mine broke right at the triple clamp in a real bad crash. I sent them back to Renthal and they sent me a new pair.

Norman K.


I've seen Renthals bend, break, etc. I don't care how many championships they claim to have garnered, I don't want to get killed by them! I use FMF 909's...never heard of them bending or breaking. They are actually made by Reikon. You may remember them from a few years back. They kick don't really need double-walls..I got my 909's for $60.

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