No more Renthal Bars for me

A friend of mine broke his Renthals at the bend on the left side. His bars were about 6 months old. The end result was a bleeding spleen (spelling?). He now runs Pro Tapers. I also had protapers on my bike when I cased a washout in the Dez 4th gear tapped. The bars lived, my wrist didn't.

yeah yeah, MC, RC, and the rest run renthals...but I bet they are new bars after every heat. At the least, every day of riding. See, they don't go down....they don't need big, burly Pro-Tapers. (Guess thats why Pastrana runs em, eh?) I don't buy the BS about....this person, who wins all the time, runs our stuff! Yeah, i would run whoever paid me to run it. I would use a bunch of San Georgio Spaghetti noodles duct taped together if I got them replaced every 30 minutes of riding!!!! :)

I actually run the Alumalite II bars and they have taken a pretty good fall or two! 5th gear rut wash. landed in some pretty soft stuff but still in 5th and seperated my shoulder and also knocked the ol' peanut around in the melon a little! Not even a slight bend.

The only thing I don't really care for about them is the cross bar prevents much foward roll in order to accomidate the SCOTTS. I had to actually bend the cross bar a little to get them close to enuf forward. I think one of the cpy's makes a set that has a pre-bent bar that accomidates the SCOTTS. :)

Sorry for not explaining how they broke!

I simply slid over in a soft loamy corner.

The reason I'm so pissed guys is because it was so mild it didn't even tear the grip. Give me a break....LOL...


I have been running twin walls and NEVER broke a pair. I recently broke my hand in a bad crash. My bars werent even bent. To bad I was!


I say you are crazy if you don't email that photo with a message to Renthal. Any reputable company would send you a new set of bars, maybe even a set of twinwalls to make up for the poor performance.

I understand if you don't want to use them anymore BUT you should at least get a new set for when you sell it or to use as a spare at the track. Otherwise, they ripped you off for the $60-$70 bucks you probably paid.

p.s. I'm using that exact same bar right now and I'll probably replace them with PTs sometime in the future.


You know you're right. I will send the pic to Renthal. I doubt seriously that Renthal will do squat.

I'll try it anyway and personally send you their reply :D

BTW: I put my new Pro Tapers on and pulled the little square pad out of the bag ready to finish my little installation up....What? :D


I can't blame them...they probably had a bunch of the SuSucki pads in stock :D

Well guys,

Renthal said to send them back for a free replacement. What a great company :)

I'll surely buy their products from now doubt.

Back in '96 I had a brand new set of regular Renthals on my DR350 and a took a mild fall and they bent 0.5 to 1 inch, like they were factory steel bars. I found the Moose aluminum bars to cheaper (at least $20 less) and stronger.

I do think that the next best thing to ProTapers would be the FMF 909's. I'll probably try them next, when the need arrives. :)

I can't beleive the # of posts on this! I run Renthal bars on both bikes and have had numerous wipeouts on the HEAVY XR in the woods from wash outs on corners wet leaves etc. No way can I see the bar break like that unless it wasn't heat treated correctly or bent back in position from a previous crash. I'm a firm beleiver in Renthal products. -------------------2001 YZ 426F ----------------1996 XR 650L my daily ride to work. :)

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