question on L's

Ok I have decided I am going to get one.

What model year did they have the biggest amount of changes?

I probably can't afford a newer but I know I don't want an 87 or that era. Was it around 93, 94 that they underwent some good changes? Mainly cartridge forks

I'm not sure what the first year for the 650L was, but, other than graphics and differnt color plastics, they're all the same.

Not many changes from 93-04. Color is really the only difference. 93 was the beginning year for the 650cc motor, electric starter, straight-pull spokes and dual disc brakes. Aside from more smog equipment and tires, these bikes are virtually unchanged. My buddy has an 03 and I can't find any difference between his or mine.

The motor technology is older, but it doesn't mean it's any less viable. RFVC Radial Four Valve Combustion started on the first XL600R's. It's a bullet-proof engine and can take lots of abuse. Just remember to maintain it. I've ridden mine pretty hard and it keeps on purring.

The handling is as good as it gets for a big & heavy DS. I've been riding some technical trails lately and it doesn't dissappoint, in fact, it surprises me how nimble it is. The only major change I have left to do are tires. Pirelli MT-21's are the next upgrade for me. Can't wait to wear out my stock TW's.

Seems to me I read somewhere that Honda upgraded the suspension for 01 or 02, but I am not sure of this. Anyways, you won't regret buying one. I just put a White Bros E-Series on mine and and have it tuned for better low end. Wow, the front wheel comes up very easy now in 2nd. :) I also put a wind screen on mine that goes on and off easily. I can cruise at 70/75 and not get blown away. :D I can't wait for the spring.

thanks :)

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