Gearing down a 2012 WR450 ?

We ride in very tight terrain and do a bunch of hill climbing.


My riding buddies are telling me that I should gear down my 2012 WR450.


My manual says it comes stock with 13/50 gearing.


How would a 12 tooth countershaft sprocket work ?  Going to a 52 tooth rear sprocket doesn't seem like it would make much difference.


Thoughts ?

I personally am not a fan of going below a 13 on the front due to the added stress it puts on the chain to make the tighter turn.  I would look into a 52-54 rear depending on what you are looking for.  If you stay with steel you are looking at about $20.

Definitely avoid a 12 tooth CS'll tear up your chain buffer on the swingarm.


A 52 on the rear will make a huge difference.

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A fifty two just barely fits with the stock chain after initial stretching.  Seemed to help.  I do not like going down on the counter-shaft sprocket.



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I'm running a 12 tooth up front on my '12 WR450 right now. It feels good in 2nd and 3rd, 1st is basically just an emergency gear when crawling up a hill now. I haven't noticed any unnatural wear on my chain, buffers, or guides yet.

12:52 here on an 08.  No wear yet, but it's close.  I love how it's geared now on tight stuff.

I ran the 12 tooth for 25 miles on the weekend.   No unusual wear that I can tell.   I feel as though it should have been geared this way from the factory.  Its excellent in tight stuff and on tight climbs.


At idle a WR250F with stock gearing runs 5 MPH in 1st gear.    The WR450F runs about 7MPH and the engine gets chuggish if you lug it down low with the stock tuning/ gearing. 


I might try 12:52 for the fun of it.  It would hurt top end, but 2nd and 3rd would be nicer.


The WRs should come with 6 speed gearboxes !   Yamaha, are you listening ????

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Searching old posts... as during my winter downtime, I am considering gearing down my 2012 WR as well.  Any others happy with a 13/52 set up?  Did you replace the chain or use the factory.  I have about 50 hours on mine, and it would appear I have enough slack for it, but I wouldn't want to chance it if its just easier to buy a longer chain.  Thoughts?

Andrew Puetz how did you go with the 13/52 combo as i am thiking about doing the same to mime. As i do alot of tight single technical tracks. TIA 

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