anti-freeze leak

It got up to a toasty 40 degrees out yesterday so I decided to try to start my new to me 2003 WR450. With a little bit of coaxing she finally turned over. After a quick ride around the block I noticed a few drops of anti-freeze right were I started the bike. It looks like there is a factory predrilled hole underneath the water pump housing (which is on the kick starter side of the bike, the hose from the radiator connects to the housing, obviously).

Has anyone else noticed this or has this issue? I'm not sure wheather the anti-freeze is coming from the predrilled hole or the seam of the housing. The hole has got to be there for a reason and it is only about 5 drops of anti-freeze. :)

I did the same yesterday morning with the same problem. I read the manual and crawled all under the bike, I don't know what it is......... :)

Cool, I'm glad I'm not the only one this has happened to. It really scared me the first time but maybe it's just letting a little pressure out. :) It only happens once in a while with my bike. :D

It happened to me. The hole is a "weep hole". YOu need to replace a seal to stop if from leaking. My delaer said it was probably due to the high pressure wash that I always do? It was a cheap and easy fix though.

I have a new '03 wr450 with the same problem. The bike is one month old. Been back to the dealer twice, the first time they replaced the 'o' ring on the water pump, the second time they replaced the shaft at the pump. They supposedly called the manufacturer and I still don't think anyone really knows what the problem is. Everytime I ask they "hope they fixed it this time".

Thanks for the news. :) I do pressure wash my bike after I ride. Not anymore!!!!!!

Thanks for the response guys. I just spoke the my buddy who said something similiar to what Bluedragon :D said "It just letting a little pressure out" :D. My buddy had a sportbike with the same problem (I think it was a 2000 Superhawk) and the dealer told him on occassion the bike will do that and that is the purpose of that hole. So he suggested that I just monitor it and make sure it doesn't leak a lot and make sure my fluid doesn't get to low. I will confront the dealer personally about this since he rides the same bike that I do and I will post his response. :)

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