98 WR400 starting issue

I have a 98 WR400 that won't start. It started before and then while riding it cut off in neutral because it didn't idle. I took the carb apart and cleaned the jets and carb. I squirt gas into the motor and try to kick start and nothing. It will backfire and will have a flame come out, where the carb would be If it was on, so I know I have compression and spark. When I kick it over there is a sound that is like water dripping from a fauset, like the buooop noise lol. It has a brand new spark plug and new oil in it. Any advice would help. Also should I put everything together and then try again?

I took off the magneto casing and it was full of oil, I have never had that happen before so I'm guessing it's not good. I think it happens cuz the bike was layed down on it's left side. Hopefully it will fix the problem.

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