My installed IMS Tank - '12wr450

I just finished installing a new IMS tank on my '12wr450. For the most part it went ok, but I did have to do a few tweaks. I'd like to say the fit was better then the ims tank I bought for my '11husky.


First off this is the fuel line and securing clip that attaches to the tank side. Once the tank is removed it is pretty simple to get to all the lines. Disconnect the electrical first then remove the saftey clip behind the orange clip. Once the saftey clip is removed the orange clip just slides down.



This is the saftey clip. I used a small screw driver to separate it. This is between the 90deg bend in the fuel and the orange clip.



The new tank.



On the bottom of the tank, I had a problem with one of the fuel pump mounting

nuts. The bolt would only go in so far and since I didn't have a tap to clean

it out, I just used a shorter bolt to mount the pump with for that one location.



Here is a picture of the fuel pump if anyone cares.



The rear braket is what I had to "tweek" some. Basically I had to open up the holes in diameter for all of the holes. The braket needed to rotate a bit looking down on it.



Here is the front braket. All the brakets bolt to the frame first before mounting the tank.



After the tank is on you modify the radiator plastics. They give you a template to cut off part of the upper lips. I used a dremal cutting tool to do mine. I had

2 more issues with the tank. I ended up having to open up the left hand most rearward bolt sleeve in the plastic.The mounting brass tank nut was too far inward for

the bolt to alighn up. Also, the next bolt forward on each side that bolt into the aluminum cross brace ended up being really hard to install. You really have to bend the

plastic alot to get them started. It is easier to leave all the bolts loose at first and get them all started. I have the yamaha radiator braces on and it doesn't seem to interfere with mounting the plastics.





The finished product. The seat ended up fitting cleanly which is always a big plus.





The only other suggestion I can make is check all of the tank nuts prior to installing, just in case

you end up with some bad threads.











How much does that tank hold?  The same gallons as always??

3 gal

Does the low fuel sensor/light still work?

Does the low fuel sensor/light still work?


Yes. You will install the level sending unit in the smaller of the two holes on the bottom of the tank.

i had considered buying the tank, but after i got my bike dyno tuned im getting nearly 45 mpg and if i go on a long ride i carry .25 gal in a MSR fuel container in my backpack should be good for 100 miles

What are your bike specs and ecu settings?

Anyone here find the brass inserts for the fuel pump bolts not lining up with the holes for the fuel pump bracket? 


I can't install more than any two bolts.

Seems kind of odd since the are in that metal ring area. For somthing like that I don't think I'd try to fix but return / replace instead.

I had one one with buggered thread but that was just are tap.

Sorry can't be of help though.

Sorry. I have a YZ and didn't realize the pump mounting was different. I posted here as I couldn't find any answers in the YZ room. I have since contacted IMS and they swapped out the tank I had for another. The folks I spoke to at IMS we're very accommodating to my concerns and needs and went out of the way to make sure I got a replacement in time for the weekend. Top notch customer service, they've earned my repeat business and my rave reviews.

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