BK mod advise

Just wanted to no how to install the mod on a 2002 426f .And what performance gains will I get if any :)

hmmmmmm...use the search feature H bomb! You can find everything you have questions about! Also check this out (if you already havent) http://mx393.tripod.com/carb.html

Cool web site motoman393 do you no if the mod gains any performance on the 2002 model

Yes I know 2 people who are very happy with the BK mod on their 02's! You need to richen up the jetting after doing the BK mod to compensate for the loss of fuel at the acc. pump! I am running a 168 main, 42 pilot (1 3/4 turns out), and needle in stock postition. After changing my main jet to a 168 my bike flat out ripped! This is the best $5 you will spend on your bike! Go ahead and do the mod...if you dont like it just simply remove the screw and it is back to stock! Later,



I saw your questions on the BK thread regarding this mod. I live in Torrance and have done this to my 2001 YZ426 - "oh, what a feeling!" If it would be helpful, we could talk in person and I could assist with the parts too as I keep an extra set in my tool box just in case. Drop me a line at flamed1@juno.com and we can hook-up.


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