2002 yamaha wr 426f no enough juice for light!

My wr426 has no enough power to keep the light how I can check what's wrong .- was working last nite but now is not!! The light barely is on ??? Thanks

I don't know about your 426 but the 450 has an ac circuit for the light and a d/c circuit for the battery. To check the output of your stator use a multimeter set to ac, should be about 120v ac I think at the headlight connector. Check the service manual. If you don't get that at the light connector then meter the stator to see I you have the correct resistance then start the bike and see if you get the correct voltage. If the stator is good check the rectifier then the wiring harness for shorts to ground. There's no easy way to diagnose wiring problems. Break out the manual , meter and a cold beer and start learning.

The Manuel suck!! Just show me the diagram.- so I decide to connect all the light to the battery and don't mess with the rectifier work good. I just ride 20 min to my work so the battery can keep up with that.-

The question is skip the rectifier can affect something else on my bike??


Hahaha the manual doesn't suck. If your 426 is like my 450 than the battery will go flat because the dc output is only like 20 watts as opposed like 80-100 for the headlight. I'd be putting it on a charger every night.

Lol is what I'm doing.- I just use the signal and the low light until my new rectifier came.-

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