Just returned from setting up the SAG on my DRZ.

What is a good FREE SAG for it?

And what's a good RIDER SAG?

I managed to make the rider sag 95mm

Depending I what kind of riding you are doing, 95 should be good. Because I am a little harder on my DRZ, I reduced the sag, to compensate for the softness of the spring a little.


kitplummer- How much mm is your FREE SAG?

I can't remember exactly what it ended up at. Probably around 15mm or so. Maybe somebody else here can confirm the stock free sag setting...


Anybody? What is the free sag supose to be?

Anybody? What is the free sag supose to be?

10 to 25mm's, after rider sag is set

Mine is 95mm/3.75" with me on it, and 28mm/1" static. That is with the stock spring and I go 215 W/O gear. Rides well at that setting. have not bottomed hard since setting it there.

I setted up the rider sag at 95mm but the free sag is 35mm how can I lower the free sag to about 25mm without making the rider sag lower? I cant right? :)

think ya have to change ya spring.

increase the preload will lessen the race sag

I doubt I need to change my spring as I wheight only 150lb

i weight about 130lbs, on a 00 S

as i ride sm on the street, i don't really setup the sag so accurately, i just like it soft on the rear.

Your measurements , it sounds like you need a lighter spring, what are your compression settings from full in?

If your bike is new, a little ride time and that spring will probably set more, I wouldn't jump for a lighter spring at this time

The compression settings from full in (rider sag) is 95mm

The bike has 10000km on it; not so new :)

I doubt I need to change my spring as I wheight only 150lb

Then you probably *do*.

The bike is sprung assuming an "average" weight of around 180 lbs. We all know that the rider weighed 30# more (21)) that he needs a heavier spring. Any wonder that a guy 30# less would need a lighter one? It just doesn't come up as often as most adult males are heavier (esp. w/all the old guys out here!).

Since the bike is kinda soft anyways, a lot of lighter guys can get away with the stock suspension. But really, with too much free sag, because the srping had to be set way light for the race sag, and too heavy a spring for your weight, in theory the bike's geometry wouldn't be right. That's the theory. Its up to your butt whether you need to do anything, but at your weight you can't have both things "right".

Luckily, I weight 175 to 180 so I have never touched my preload setting!


I am at 160...and I am really pushing the limits of the stock setup. I've spent hours trying to set things up with clickers, sag, and extra fluid - waiting for the new year when I can have the local Race Tech set me up. As I've said in other posts, I've stiffened the rear up beyond recommended race sage - to avoid the hard bottoming out that hurts.

It is possible, but if you are serious about riding, no matter what your weight, the DRZ is probably a much better bike with new valves and springs in your suspension.


hmmm... :D or...I can gain about 30lb The holydays are here I got planty of time to eat and spend on the couch :)

hmmm... :) or...I can gain about 30lb

When I started riding, I weighed 115 lbs. and could haul on a Suzuki 90. My bikes sure were light and quick then.... When I got my 360 2-stroke I think I still only weighed 135.


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