2006 yz450f clutch adjustment?

Gonna go ahead and thank everyone who lends an ear or advice. This is my first post and have been lurking for a few days after I purchased my 06 yz450f. Found one in great shape and after 10 years of not being on a dirtbike I was getting the itch again so I went ahead and bought it. On to the problem.


-When I start it, it has the sounds that I have been hearing that are normal for the yz450f and I pull in the clutch and they stop. The problem arises when I put it into gear and it pulls forward a little. Which my streetbike does that and I am used to it. But it's almost like the clutch isn't fully engaging with the lever completely in. I can't roll the bike backwards with it in 1st and the clutch pulled in, as it feels like its pushing forward against me like the gear is just slightly engaged. Also when running if coming to a stop It won't seem to let me put the bike in neutral like the clutch won't engage enough to let it find it.


I have no clue as this is normal and have been searching through the faqs and etc. but cannot find an answer. Wondering if there is a way to tighten the cable to make it pull further to engage the clutch more. Mostly just needing to know if this is normal behavior or if I need to look into it.


Thanks again!

I am a newbie to this site also but if it helps at all, my '02 yz426 does the same thing. Not sure if that helps or puts me in same predicament as you. Hopefully, we both get more input from the crew (members).

The clutch will always drag some, but not that much.  The test is generally whether you can get the bike into neutral at a standstill with the engine running. 


The only external adjustment that you can make is the cable free play.  That needs to be maintained at 2-3mm at all times.  It changes with temperature, especially with cheaper plate sets, and that's why they have that big adjuster where you can find it as you ride, if necessary.


If you have the cable adjusted correctly, but the clutch still won't disengage cleanly with the lever pulled to the bar, you have another problem.  Most commonly, clutch drag is caused by faulty clutch plates, or notches in the surfaces of the plate contact areas of the clutch basket or boss (hub). 


But other little things can contribute.  Faulty clutch springs or a lever that's bent closer to the bar than it belongs, for instance.

Thank you for the input. I'm away from the bike working now but I will definitely look into the clutch lever adjustments. I only rode it a few times and was more or less excited to ride than checking stuff out. Mostly making sure my main adjustment was on the lever. These newish bikes are a whole new animal since when I rode back in highschool lol

What's not obvious is that there's a second cable adjuster just out from the lever an inch or two.  It's an in-line barrel type and is covered by a rubber sleeve.   Set the lever adjuster at about the mid point of its range and then set the cable free play at 3mm using the inline adjuster.  That will give you the ability to compensate as needed in either direction using the on-the-fly adjuster. 

awesome! thank you. Hopefully get home to play with it in a week or so! I miss riding bad already lol

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